Automated Home Pantry Replenishment

Marley Auto™ identifies when, what and how much needs to be purchased, so that the consumer will never “Run out of it…”!

Marley Auto™ keeps informing the Supplier\Producer Ordering-Generator, utilizing a sophisticated System (smart sensors, BIG DATA server and algorithms based on data analysis and machine learning). Our goal is to have an automated home replenishment hub in every house and to make shopping personally adjustable.

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Marley Auto™ Cloud base Server hold DB of Sensors, Users and Suppliers

The Marley Auto™ ‘s Server ( BIG DATA ) generate optimum orders, using algorithms based on data analysis and Machine Learning

Marley Auto™ ‘s Server Orders are based on multiple variables, such as: stock levels, product types ,orders history, and many more

Marley Auto™ is taking into consideration the consumer needs and Supplier capabilities

Marley Auto™ generate orders to supplier SAP system via API

Marley Auto™ can change sensor component purpose, remotely

Marley Auto™ minimize global waste and environment pollution.

Marley Auto™ ‘s App. designed specifically to provide consumers a user-friendly tool.