About us

Marley Auto™ is an on-line automatic shopping system. A new innovative way to maintain home pantry. Marley Auto™ identifies when, what and how much needs to be purchased, so that the consumers will never “Run out of it…” !

Marley Auto™ keeps informing the Supplier\Producer Ordering-Generator, utilizing a sophisticated System (smart sensors, BIG DATA server and algorithms based on data analysis and machine learning).

Our goal is to have an automated home replenishment hub in every house and to make shopping personally adjustable.

Marley Auto™ communicates with customers via a Smartphone App. and obtains “Free shipping” with no extra cost.

Marley Auto™ system is developed by experienced engineers, with proven working products, in the Retail market. Join us in the revolution that will discover the ultimate Shopper.

Marley Auto™
Never run out of it…

Marley key people

Yaakov Kedmi - Marketing Manager

Global leader and business developer in the field of telecommunication. Kedmi was one of the founders of Partner, the biggest mobile company in Israel, and business director at Hutchison Whampoa.

Aviad Hellman – C.E.O

Experienced high-tech entrepreneur, focusing on computer vision software & hardware. With extremely wide experience in a range of fields including mobile, communication, video display and more. Co-founder of VideoDomain, CountWise and others. Marley is his own invention.

Eli Lurie – C.T.O

Technology leader. Expertized in defining high level design, instituting policy and standards and improving architectures. Expert in multidisciplinary software and hardware environments, embedded systems, Image Processing and Computer Vision.

Dov Topaz – Product Manager

Has over 30 years of video based systems experience in developing new products; establishing new companies and implementing new ideas. Dov was one of the founders of CountWise, Agent Vi, Video Product Manager for Magal Ltd., Peek Traffic and more.

Elad Kashi – Design & Interaction Manager

Industrial designer. Expert in developing user focused products for various markets. For the past 10 years Elad has been researching interactive product development methodologies as owner of FIT R&D (Product development firm) and as a lecturer at the Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art.